How do shorter showers help protect the environment?

Did you know that the average Sydneysider uses 200L per day! About a quarter of all water used at home is in the shower. Are you spending more than the recommended water wise limit of four minutes? You're not alone but we can all make a difference to help protect our water and the environment.

Cutting your daily shower from eight minutes to four minute saves around 36L of water. Taking shorter showers is just one of many ways to reduce water use and conserve our drinking water. It's also an easy way to reduce your water bill.

Shorter showers can also save up to 350 kilograms of carbon dioxide a year and help cut down your energy bills. See the video from Fight For Planet A: Our Climate Challenge to see how easy it is to use some problem solving and investigation skills. Can you calculate how much water your shower head uses?

Then, head to our WaterFix webpage to see if you're eligible for a FREE shower head replacement.

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