How do I use Sydney Water Talk and Water chemistry online?

    How do I use Water chemistry online?

    Water chemistry online has free resources to download and view online. Additional interactive functions such as Q&A, polls and leaving feedback is only available once you have registered. 

    You can find a full Stage 6 Chemistry program guide and resources available to download.

    Please register with your school email, only school emails will have their Q&A responses and feedback published.  

    Email us at if you require assistance.

    Below is a video, highlighting some features of Water chemistry online

    How do I register?

    Students and teachers can create your own individual login, using your school email address.

    Registration is free and easy, you can either:

    • click "register" on the top right hand corner or 
    • click on the menu on Water chemistry online or 
    • click here.

    Once registered, you're free to ask questions, leave feedback and use our polls and quizzes on this page. 

    Note:  We will answer questions from school emails only. You only need to provide the required information indicated with the astericks* in the registration form.

    How do I leave a question, advice or feedback?

    Once you've registered with a school email. You can head straight to our:

    1. Q&A section to ask specific questions. Be sure to check out our HSC Chemistry page and past answers beforehand. 
    2. Stories section for more information or to leave some helpful advice. 
    3. Survey section to leave formal feedback about our site, content and resources. 

    What are your depth study programs? How am I supported to deliver these programs?

    We have three Stage 6 Chemistry depth study programs in:

    Our Stage 6 Chemistry Depth Study program outline can help you decide what's most suitable for you and your students.

    You can find in our Documents section:

    • suggested timelines that help summarise how you can deliver this in the classroom
    • a full depth study program with lesson plans
    • depth study assessments with marking rubric
    • supporting resources such as activities, experiments and factsheets