Huntley Street work delays

almost 3 years ago

Huntley Street work delays

We’re building the Green Square Stormwater Drain to reduce flooding in and around Green Square and reduce flooding around Alexandria. The project will allow development in the Green Square Town Centre, which will include a new aquatic centre, library and cultural centre, as well as public art and green spaces.

Traffic update
We’re widening Shea’s Creek underneath Huntley Street Bridge and building a higher and wider bridge to increasethe capacity of the stormwater system. This has involved the closure of westbound traffic on Huntley Street, Alexandria.

One-way traffic flow on Huntley Street willnow continue until mid-November 2017.

We know our work on Huntley Street has been disruptive to local residents, businesses and commuters and we apologise for how long this work is taking. We understand the impact this work is having on the traffic flow in and around Alexandria and appreciate your continued patience.

Huntley Street Bridge is a major corridor for utilities such as water, stormwater, sewerage, telecommunications, electricity and gas services. Unfortunately we underestimated the complexity and difficulty of work on the bridge and further difficulties in service relocation have delayed the reopening of Huntley Street to two-way traffic.

Working around the existing services in the bridge is very difficult and their proximity to each other means we had to change our original construction plans andmethods.

The number of significant infrastructure projects underway in Sydney means there are limited specialist workers available, which has also delayed our work.
The Huntley Street Bridge was approaching the end of its life. We’re replacing the bridge while we increase the capacity of the stormwater network, which means the bridge won’t need to be replaced separately in the near future.

What are we doing to speed things up?
We’re investing additional resources (machinery and people), have refocused our planning and are working more closely with other utilities to ensure we can return to two-way traffic as soon as possible. We have also temporarily extended our working hours both during the week and on the weekends to speed up construction during July and for the first two weeks of August.

We’re now making solid progress, have relocated the majority of services running under the north side of the bridge and have started to build the new bridge deck and road. We thank you for your patience and want to reassure you that we are doing everything possible to reopen Huntley Street to two-way traffic as quickly and safely as possible.

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