Early concept design - what do you think?

almost 3 years ago
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We've uploaded the early concept design for the naturalisation of Iron Cove Creek. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment or asking a question...

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  • Janne about 3 years ago
    I am thrilled to see this area getting some attention, with the possibility of an upgrade. It is a very beautiful part of Sydney and the plan to re-vitalise the creek and canal area to a more natural and ecologically friendly environment is terrific. I just hope it happens soon. I would also like an area that explains what creature safe in the canal - as I walk by with my dogs I see the swirls in the water when the creek is full and lots of splashes. I don’t know if it is eels or fish? The area also attracts wonderful water birds. Currently the nature strip on the Five Dock side is boring, and some trees are old and damaged, so a redesign of that area would be appreciated. Many locals, including me, walk dogs along that area (on a leash) so I would like to make sure that pathways are wide enough to accommodate people passing each other with prams, dogs etc.. I look forward to hearing more about this plan, regards, Janne Malfroy.
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    • Admin Commented Anne-Marie about 3 years ago
      Thanks Janne. We appreciate your comments. We’ll look into placing a sign near a seating area that explains a bit about the wildlife. Yes there are both eels and other fish in the creek, the splashes you see at high tide are most likely schools of mullet! We’ll definitely make the path wide enough for a variety of uses and pass this feedback onto our designers. Hope you can make it along this Saturday. Thanks, Anne-Marie