Community Survey Feedback Summary

by Emily, over 3 years ago

We received 67 responses for Muddy Creek. Seventy per cent (70%) of respondents were supportive of naturalisation. The most popular responses relating to improvements at Muddy Creek were:

  • clean up the waterway (23),
  • naturalisation (16),
  • clean/repair the concrete (14),
  • improve aesthetics (9), and
  • regular cleaning/maintenance (9).

Of those who were supportive of naturalisation, the main feedback given was: clean the waterway (5), ensure regular maintenance (5), introduce native plants (3) and plant more trees (3).

Five per cent (5%) were against the concept of naturalisation with the reasons given being:

  • plants would not work in reducing flooding (1),
  • there are higher priorities (1),
  • previous instances of naturalisation have been unsuccessful (1), and
  • there is no need to naturalise (1).

Following the completion of consultation we will prepare a report detailing the feedback we received from the community survey and on the concept designs.

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