Decision Report now available

6 months ago

Sydney Water has released its Decision Report on Phase 1 of the North West Treatment Hub project.

The Decision Report responds to the four submissions we received during the public display of the Review of Environmental Factors (REF). The submissions raised issues about noise and vibration, odour and visual impact for the proposed Castle Hill WRP works and environmental performance of the WRPs.

Further detailed planning and investigation has occurred since the exhibition of the REF and has resulted in several changes to the project. This includes a reduction in the scope of works at Castle Hill WRP, which is outlined in the Decision Report.

However, changes to the transfer main from Rouse Hill WRP will be subject to a separate environmental assessment (addendum to the original REF). This Addendum REF will be complete around April 2020 and will be posted online.

Outcomes summary for Castle Hill WRP

  • Noise and vibration - the scope of works at Castle Hill WRP has now been reduced substantially. Works would be confined to standard daytime construction hours and noise impacts are now expected to be minor.
  • Air quality and emissions - the reduced scope means that there will be no new odour source installed at the Castle Hill WRP. Measures, such as planned cover replacements, are expected to improve the current odour impact from the WRP.
  • Visual impacts - due to the reduced scope of the project, there will be no new ventilation shaft installed at Castle Hill WRP.

To learn more, access the full Decision Report here.

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