Update about the Our Water Future project

2 months ago

At the last customer participation forum we asked you to draw your ideal future vision for the region on your tables - thinking specifically about the uses and roles of water.

Across all of the forums you said that your future vision of the region:

  • Is very green – with green walls and rooftop gardens, parks and green spaces. It has tree lined streets, green sporting fields, household and community gardens; and rainwater runoff is captured to be reused around buildings;

  • You said, it has a lot of water in it with lakes, rivers, creeks and beaches that are easy to access and socialise around, and that are also safe for swimming, fishing and boating; and

  • It has accessible water for cooling, including fountains and splash parks and community swimming pools, use of mist to cool public spaces and public facilities to refill water bottles; allows for public transport on our rivers and ocean;

We’d like to know to what extent you support the vision and which of the themes that came out of your visioning exercises are most important to you.

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