Will the naturalisation make the flooding worse?

    No, the naturalisation of Powells Creek will not make the flooding worse. During the design of this project, extensive flood modelling was used to identify any problems. We ‘tested’ the design and how it would work through different levels of flooding. The results showed that our work would slightly improve the flood capacity of Powells Creek.

    Are the fences along the river going to be removed?

    In the areas where we plan to fully naturalise the banks we will also remove the fences. This is because the naturalised banks will have a much gentler slope than the existing concrete bank. In areas where the slope is steep, fences will remain.

    Won’t the naturalised banks be destroyed by extreme weather events or floods?

    The naturalised banks are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and floods. The rocks will be shaped and placed so that they interlock and create a strong barrier that will continue to hold through extreme flood and weather events. Plants with strong root systems will help anchor the banks, just as they do in natural creeks.

    Will any trees be removed?

    Yes as part of the work we will need to remove a number of trees located along the edge of both sides of the bank. The  naturalisation work will include the planting of tens of thousands of local native plants, which will significantly improve the local environment.

    When was the community consulted on this project?

    We first contacted residents living in the area back in 2008 to gauge their interest in naturalising their local creek through a survey and an open day. Based on the feedback we received, Sydney Water developed the idea and presented concept designs to the community in 2013. Funding for this project has now been approved and we are looking forward to working with you as we transform Powells Creek.

    Why can’t we naturalise the entire length of Powells Creek?

    We are naturalising as much of the creek as we can. Sydney Water will only naturalise banks that are in need of repair. There also needs to be enough space that will allow us to create gently sloping natural banks as well as a suitable budget to do the work.
    There are other restrictions that prevent us from naturalising creeks, such as the condition of the land and presence of underground services. Where we can’t naturalise, and the bank needs repair, we’ll generally replace it with concrete.

    Who will be responsible for maintaing Powells Creek once it has been naturalised?

    Ongoing maintenance of the creek will be continue to be the responsibility of Sydney Water. However, the community areas next to the creek, such as the reserve, shared paths and other community facilities, will be maintained by council.

    What is going to happen to the dog off leash area?

    The dog off leash area is managed by Canada Bay Council. At this stage Council has advised that the dog off leash area will remain however they will continue to monitor this. Please direct all queries to Canada Bay Council on 9911 6555 or email contactus@canadabay.nsw.gov.au