Refresh VDB REF - Work at Vaucluse Map - June 2020
There is one ocean outfall in Vaucluse and our plan is to: - build a new pumping station at Parsley Bay where the current toilet and shower block sits, to direct the wastewater away from the ocean - build a new 1.8 km pipe to move the wastewater from Parsley Bay to Carlisle Street in Rose Bay. We will be using trenchless technology to dig a hole slightly wider than the pipe (37.5 cm) and insert the pipe up to 60 m below ground - connect the new pipe from Carlisle Street to the existing Rose Bay submain on Dover Road. This section of pipe will be laid just below the surface by digging trenches along the roadway. No further work is required because the existing Sydney Water network will be used to transfer the wastewater to the treatment plant in Bondi.