Refresh VDB REF - Eastern Reserve Pumping Station - June 2020
The Eastern Reserve pumping station will be built in the area close to the white picket fence. We’ll need to remove the overhead powerline to get to the work area, but instead of replacing it, we’ll install a solar light in its place and permanently remove the overhead wires. The white picket fence, which we’ve heard is a much-loved local icon, will be reinstated after our work is finished. Our work will result in the temporary closure of the public boardwalk between Craig Avenue and Kimberley Street. An alternative route by-passing this area will be provided. However, when our work at Diamond Bay is finished, we will contribute to Waverley Council’s improvement plans to restore and improve the beautiful boardwalk at Diamond Bay Reserve. We’ve listened and we understand how important public spaces are to your community. That is why almost all your new wastewater system will be located below ground. For safety reasons, some things will need to be above ground, such as valves or electrical kiosks.