Bonnyrigg Heights - installation of electrical cable

We are installing 3.4 km of underground electrical cable to connect the new pumping station in Cecil Hills to the Abbotsbury Zone Substation in Bonnyrigg Heights.

Construction will start on Sunday 6 June 2021 and will take approximately 12 weeks to compete - weather permitting.

The cable will be pulled through existing underground conduits on

  • Cowpasture Road
  • Elizabeth Drive
  • Gloucester Street
  • Lewis Street
  • Wilson Road
  • Simpson Road and
  • Schubert Place

There will be some interruptions to power supply. Eneadvour Energy will notify you directly if your property is affected.

We will need to close lanes on Copwasture Road, Elizabeth Drive and Lewis Street to protect our workers. In order to minimise impact on traffic, we will be doing night works on these roads. Where possible we will not work more than two consecutive nights in one location or more than three nights a week.

The only exception to this is the underbore / tunnelling of Cowpasture Road, which we will need to complete in five consecutive days and nights.

Our standard working hours:

Monday - Friday 7am to 6pm
Saturday 8am to 1pm (if required
No work planned for Sundays or public holidays

Night work hours

Sunday to Friday 7pm to 6am

We apologise for the inconvenience this causes you and ask that you bear with us for this short time while we get this work completed as quickly as possible.

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