Kemps Creek - testing and commissioning works

We have completed installation of the new water pipeline in Kemps Creek and are now continuing with testing and commissioning works. We need to pressure test the pipeline to ensure there are no leaks before connecting it to the existing network. During this final testing stage of the project we will be working in localised areas along the pipe’s alignment until Thursday 23 December 2021, weather permitting (please see map) .

This work will involve:

  • excavating small pits using specialist plant
  • backfilling the pits and temporarily restoring the impacted area
  • changes in local traffic.

Traffic changes

During the works there will be changes to traffic conditions on Cross Street and Western Road. Lane closures and traffic control will be in place to safely assist motorists around our work areas.


We have temporarily restored disturbed areas to allow for continued access to the pipeline for testing and commissioning. When work is complete in December 2021, weather permitting, we will work with your local council to complete permanent restoration.

Our work hours

• 7 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday

• 8 am to 1 pm Saturday

What you need to know

The health and wellbeing of Sydney Water crews are our top priority. All crews are adhering to testing, social distancing, and mask wearing requirements.

Members of the public can rest easy knowing that Sydney Water's front line crews are authorised to work safely to continue delivering these essential services for their communities.

We know our work can be disruptive, so we’ll make every effort to reduce any impact this work may have on you. Thank you for your cooperation during this essential work.

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