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Project Update - August 2019

11 months ago

Having worked with the community to identify a preferred solution to redirect untreated wastewater away from the last three remaining ocean outfalls at Vaucluse and Diamond Bay, this year we’re asking you for help to develop the concept design.

While we’ve already extensively modeled the wastewater system in your area to identify a solution, we still need to do more to better understand the topography, soil and site suitability.

Changing the way wastewater flows in your area means we need to reconfigure existing and new supporting infrastructure like underground pipes and pumping stations. However, recent advances in technology enables us to work with you to refine the concept design to have the least impact on the environment and the community — locating supporting infrastructure underground and using pipes which will be about 30cm in diameter and up to 70m below street level.

Working with you we expect to complete the concept design by the end of this year and following public submissions, complete environmental approvals by March 2020. Construction is then anticipated to start in the latter half of 2020.

Next steps

Throughout this process we will be seeking your views to help us refine the route, appearance, footprint and proposed construction approaches for the new infrastructure.

We’ve already held our first Community Reference Group in June 2019, and in the coming weeks and months we will be letter-boxing and holding local community information sessions, as well as seeking your views through Sydney Water Talk and interactive feedback online tools.

Please subscribe here to receive latest news and details about these information events. If you have any questions or concerns, drop us an email or give us a call. Your feedback is always important to us.

Call 1800 732 069 or email

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mayzie 11 months ago
Thanks for your info in the post today. I’m amazed this is taking so long to get started? What’s the hold up Sydney Water?
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Bob 10 months ago
Why is so much community consultation (and associated delays and additional expense) necessary when we are talking about a project to stop untreated waste going directly into the ocean by diverting it to a treatment plant via 30cm pipes buried up to 70m underground that seemingly will have zero impact on anyone living in the community? What am I missing here? What are you hiding from the community (if anything)? What are the as yet undisclosed downsides (if any) for residents?
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Author Commented Melinda 10 months ago
Hi Bob and Mayzie -Thank you for your interest in the project.Projects like Refresh Vaucluse Diamond Bay require careful consideration and consultation in the planning and design phases to ensure we get things right and develop a solution that will have minimal impacts on the community and the environment.As all Sydney Water customers pay for this type of infrastructure through their bills, we have added accountabilities to ensure value for money. Fortunately, recent advances in technology allow us to approach the Refresh Vaucluse Diamond Bay solution differently, using trenchless technology across greater distances, using much smaller pipes and significantly minimising our impact. While we have already gathered a lot of information working with the community last year in the planning phase, we now need to undertake geotechnical surveying to understand the soil and site conditions so we can finalise the concept design.As part of the environmental approvals process, we will advertise the final concept design and seek formal submissions from the community, which will happen in the first few months of next year. We expect to be able to start construction in the latter half of next year. Sydney Water will continue to update the community through the Sydney Water Talk website and upcoming community information sessions.Many thanks - The Sydney Water Project Team
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